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Magazine "Vigneron" - September / October / December 2017.

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The vintage 2002

A capricious year, winter was rather harsh and spring alternated nice sunny periods with rainy times. In June, we had a heat wave with a top of 36,5°C on the 18th. Those favorable temperatures led to a grouped and homogenous flowering. Concerning the summer months, July was hot and rainy with 120 mm of rainfall during the month, which had never been so since 1956. The first fifteen days of August were rainy, the second half of the month was nice and favorable to the growth of the vine. Total rainfall: 84 mm. September was favorable to the maturation of the grapes thanks to very sunny days.

The vintage 2002 did not make special problems in the vines, even if we converted the whole estate into a biological agriculture. This year, the difference was made by the work consecrated to each vine stock and by a well oriented cultivation of the soil. We made the choice to gather all the grapes quite quickly to favorize fruit quality; the time of the beginning of the grape gathering was September 23rd, the date of the end October 22nd, 2002. Very small volumes of Selection of Grains Nobles have been produced, but definitely beautiful qualities. The total of the gathering is 15 % inferior to the normal.

The Pinot Blanc and the Auxerrois have important maturities. The Muscat is promising with a beautiful richness on the palate. Strong selections have been realized on the Pinot Noir and they are in the process of maturing and should produce beautiful red wines.

The Riesling are wonderful, but we got a very low volume.

  • The Schlossberg will be of anthology.
  • The Furstentum remains in a classic style.
  • The Rosenberg stays in the continuity of 2001, in its exotic style.

The Tokay-Pinot Gris satisfied us.

  • The Tokay-Pinot Gris tradition and the Tokay-Pinot Gris Cuvée Albert will be in a dry style.
  • The Furstentum is vinified at 100 % in a cask as had already been the vintage 2001, in order to construct it dryer.
  • The Hengstis very racy, with its strong and spicy style.

The Gewurztraminer led to a very small grape gathering compared to a normal year. We made the choice not to produce Vendanges Tardives, in order to preserve very beautiful cuvees.

  • The Steingrubler is well marked by its soil.
  • The Furstentum is very fine and pure. The spontaneous fermentations (indigenous yeasts) went well and the wines in the process of maturing on fine lees develop well.

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