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Monday 11th June 2017

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Magazine "Vigneron" - September / October / December 2017.

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The vintage 2004, a return to harmony

After the extraordinary character of the vintage 2003, when you felt better at the seaside than in the vineyards, the year 2004 marks the return to normality.

The course of this vintage

The year begins with the winter work that took several days. It's a typical winter, with a light warming in the end of January.
The vine sprouts on 20th April. As a result of the dry and sunny spring, the sprouting is regular.
Thanks to the season temperature, the bloom stretched regularly and harmonically from 7th to 20th June. It let us foresee a return to a normal date of grape-gathering.
The summer, alternating sun and clouds, contradicted all these augurs. It caused some focus of diseases, especially mildew that will quickly be mastered. Maturity progressed slowly. With its climatic conditions of anticyclone, the September is warm and sunny and allowed vegetation to become healthy again. It made us smile, as in most other French wine regions. These rainless weeks improved  the vintage. The grapes presented themselves with a beautiful maturity, a perfect sanitary quality and an irreproachable acid harmony.

Grape-gathering began on 22nd September with the Crémant, followed by the family of the Pinot, then by the Riesling and finally by the Gewurztraminer. The return to a rainy period at the end of the season extended the grape-gathering period and limited the production of liqueur wines. We had a year that is in accordance with the expectations, you had for the Alsatian wines. The harmony of this vintage strengthens its typical character. Concerning the « Traditions » and the « Vins de Terroirs », they are characterized by freshness, pureness and fruit. As to the « Grands Crus», the expression of the geographic situation is marked through this minerality that makes them unique and that gives birth to the great wines of gastronomy.

The wines in general

The Crémant shows beautiful notes of finesse. The Pinot Noir are characterized by beautiful acidities and beautiful fruits. The Muscat is expressive, will produce a beautiful wine for aperitif. The Pinots Blancs are fine and fruity. Great success of the Riesling because this variety likes alternations, dryness and humidity. The Pinots Gris are dryer. The Gewurztraminer are aromatic and strong.

Beautiful wine tasting in view and especially an innovation for the « Traditions » that will be bottled with a screw top. Good bye cork …

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