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Magazine "Vigneron" - September / October / December 2017.

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The vintage 2009

The vineyards underwent a long period of vegetative rest owing to 60 days of sub-zero temperatures during winter.  There was plenty of dead wood to keep us warm!  Bud-burst began on the 10th of April and was followed by a warm period interspersed with several harmless storms in our area.
Vegetation grew rapidly during the month of May with floraison beginning on the 28th of May and drawing to a close towards the 13th of June.
Following several cool evenings around the 7th of June, we noticed a little leakage in the Ottonel Muscat, a particularly delicate variety.
July was dry with véraison beginning around the 28th.  The summer that followed was warm, notably after the 15th of August.

The harvest got off to a good start with the Crémant on the 8th of September and our team of 20 pickers was able to work leisurely throughout the picking season.

From the 9th to 14th September, we harvested our different Pinot Noir parcels which appeared to have remarkable health and quality; with ripe bunches, coloured berries and perfect phenolic ripeness.  We conducted our first trial of whole bunch vinification.  The entire crop was harvested in 20 kilogram lots.  The Clos de la Faille was picked in one session on the 21st of September.

We harvested the Muscat without botrytis on the 15th of September and the first Pinot Gris on the 16th of September at around 14 degrees of potential alcohol; perfect maturity for vinifying dry wine.
The Auxerrois harvest concluded on the 23rd.
The Pinot Gris Furstentum was picked on the 24th of September at 15 degrees and the Hengst, being a little richer, on the 29th.
We brought in the first Riesling on the afternoon of the 29th of September, the fruit showing perfect balance achieved at around 12.5 degrees.
The first Gewurztraminer, for which acidity levels are more important than alcohol levels, was picked on the 1st of October.  Not forgetting that the last significant rain we had had was on the 10th of August, the first parcels of Gewurztraminer Furstentum were harvested on the 2nd October.
On the 5th and 6th, the grape-pickers’ hods were brought out for the harvest of Riesling Scholossberg, which came in at 13.5 degrees.
The 7th saw the picking of the Gewurztraminer from Steingrubler at 15 degrees and the year’s first sorting of noble rot (Pinot Gris).  This was followed by the harvest of the Gewurztraminer Furstentum parcels.
On the 9th October, we harvested Riesling Rosenberg at 14 degrees and the season’s first late harvest with Pinot Gris from Altenbourg.  The harvest of Riesling Furstentum was conducted that afternoon.
By early November, there remained only a little late harvest Riesling and Gewurztraminer to be harvested.

With 2009 marking his 30th harvest, Maurice commented that he could not remember an easier one in terms of the health and quality of the vines and the consistency of the fruit.  From the start of the picking season, it rained only twice, totalling at 6mm; one couldn’t have asked for better conditions.

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