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Biodynamics at the winery

In order to best express the uniqueness of our terroirs, different treatments are apllied to the soil and to the vines:

  • Replanting using "sélection massale" to maintain diversity. This consists of selecting the highest quality vines.
  • Spreading "homemade" compost to stimulate the microbial life of the soil which is essential for the formation of humus and the assimilation of sub-soil minerals.
  • Having rows of naturals grass every two rows, as the presence of rows, as the presence of other plants forces the vines to descend deeper into the soil.
  • Plowing is executed in order to contribute to creating a deep root system. Some plots are planted on horse-plowed terraces.

Other preparations are applied to the soil if necessary

  • Compost manure MT supports and reinforces the decomposition progress of the earth. It contains all the elements that help the formation of clay-humus complex. One can find a considerable number and variety of bacteria.
  • Preparation 500, horn manure, acts on the plant. It promotes microbial activity and the formation of humus. Its effectiveness is confirmed after numerous tests: the roots are longer, denser and more evenly distributed.
  • Preparation 501, horn silica helps the plant take shape and harden and assists with leaf development and the balance between the flower and the energy necessary for good and beautiful carpophore.

Plants and Mineral matter

If equilibrium is reached, the plant will defend itself to resist parasites. However, we will occasionally intervene to help the plant by using infusions to prevent certain diseases, and if necessary, with mineral matter, albeit at very low doses.

  • Nettle infusion helps regulate iron and stimulate plant growth.
  • Horsetail pushes fungus back towards the ground, as it is an anti-fungal agent.
  • Wicker helps to fight against mildew, as it has an influence on humidity.
  • Valerian is a pawerful, anti-stress agent which is applied after a hailstorm.

 All preparations and infusions require "dynamising" beforehand which consists of shaking the plant in lukewarm water in a spiral motion which is suddenly reversed at various given moments. This transfers the energy of the substance into the water which is used as a spray in homeopathic doses. The preparation is applied on days according to calendar (astronomical information pertaining to the different rhythms of the moonn the planetary positions...)
Mineral matter:

  • Copper helps protect the vine against attack from numerous diseases, the principal being mildew. It also has a secondary effect against grey rot. It improves berry resistance against fungal attack.
  • Sulfur is used to fight against powdery mildew.

Harvest and in the cellar

The crop is harvested manually according to the maturity of skins and pips in order to respect the grapes which will be pressed whole in pneumatic and vertical presses. Slow extraction allows us to have clear juices which do not require the addition of oenological products, with the exception of sulfur in low doses. No chaptalisation or fining is performed.
Biodynamic culture allows yeast life to occur and develop on the skin of the grapes. The more varieties of indigenous yeast, the more distinctive the wine. It is, therefore, not necessary to introduce foreign yeast which direct the flavours and end up standardising the wines.
After several months of fermentation, the wines remain in contact with their lees which nourish and at the same time, stabilise them naturally. The wines are bottled when we feel that they are ready, always in function with the moon in order to preserve the fruit. Biodynamics provide better stability and preservation of the wines whilst giving them more energy and vitality.

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