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Wettolsheim's history

Reputation and crisis

The reputation of the Wettolsheim vineyard goes back to the Middle Age. At this place, the abbey of Munster owns a big viticultural estate mentioned in 1259. The abbey  of  Pairis exploits there a tithe-barnyard in 1282. Buchard Zorn, knight of Strasbourg, cultivates one hundred schatz* of vineyards in 1306.
Examples that can be repeated infinitely. Wettolsheim benefits from the proximity of Colmar. The local bourgeois can cultivate the vineyards and, in the evening, come back in the protection of the surrounding walls and, above all, the casks are taken up the Ill from Ladhof, then up the Rhine in order to be sold all over Northern Europe.
Thus, in 1576, Wettolsheim is one of the wine exporting localities by the intermediary of Strasbourg. In 1856, the police superintendent of Wintzenheim notes that   « the streets of Wettolsheim are congested with carts full of wine ».
But, the economic situation changes. After a good period, another one follows, more shady. The first decades of the 20th century, know a catastrophic natural economic situation : records of low harvest, damage because of phylloxéra and the worm.
In 1936, Eugène Mann notes in the register of the vine-growers' federation of Wettolsheim :  « the results of the grape-gathering are in the whole country less good than in the last years, so that the deficit makes up 40 % of an average year. Twenty tons of grapes were transported to Mulhouse although they had suffered from bad weather all the year. Two years later, the secretary notes in the same register the catastrophy caused by the frost in the night of the 21st to the 22nd of April 1938.
* about 7,15 hectares

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