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Biodynamics at the winery / Presentation / Philosophy & Cultivation

Our philosophy and organic culture

The goal of the estate is to produce wine that is in harmony with nature. Wine is the memory of the grape and is capable of transmitting the taste of the earth.

Since 2000, the estate's wine have been organically certified by Ecocert. We began practising biodynamic viticulture in 1997 in three Grands Crus vineyards. Over the following years, we applied biodynamics across the entirety of our estate and since 2010, we have the biodynamic certification from Biodyvin.
The viticultural practice is labour intensive and more costly but it gives the wine the purest reflection of its terroir and its own identity. In plowing the vineyards, we manage to make the roots go down to a maximum depth to capture the minerals of the rock degradation. 
Biodynamics at the winery

A few word on biodynamics: its origins and principles

Biodynamics originated in the twentieth century under the initiation of Austrian philosopher, Rudolf STEINER.
This philosophy is globally based on the Earth-Water-Plants-Air-Flora-Fauna interactions. Its endeavours not to fight the "enemies" of the vines, but rather to recreate balance, to activitate soil life, to reinforce the resistance of plants and to support natural cycles.

It is designed to revitalise the earth and the plant, with the help of biodynamics preparations to enable full expression, taking the cosmic rhythms into account.

The cultivated soil is not simply a support for the vine but a way of life and a source of energy for the plant, as is its air environment.

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